Look for the Big in the Small

The novelist and explorer Laurens Van Der Post was a master in describing the universal in the particular such as a cloud formation as a metaphor for the Heavens or a wave characteristic as a description of the essence of the whole ocean..It is exciting to get an insight into the big from the small.Life often seems like a hologram in that a general pattern can be observed in the smallest interaction or interchange or observation.This is a useful idea in an age of uncertainty to try to get some bearings on what the future may hold.Sometimes the inner sense or inner observation is very quiet and easily missed in a world of hurry.Some quiet introspection may uncover a sense or a feeling which is worth paying attention to as a harbinger for a larger,yet unobserved,picture.Learning to pay attention and develop some trust for the inner world can pay dividends as a compass for future navigation in life.Noticing the small patterns occuring in an everyday environment likewise may give much focus for closer inspection and choice.

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