Determine a range of strategies to employ, including problem solving in situ; improving assertion or self-confidence; as well as a variety of relaxation and self- support strategies.


Working with both individuals and couples to explore the issues in the relationship and to collaboratively develop a course of action for the best possible outcome.


Establish & address the causes. The experience of being ‘heard’ and understood is very important, as well as having support to re-engage with activities.

Perth Psychologist - Psychology & Counselling Services

Dr David Malkin is a Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience providing psychology and counselling services in Perth, WA.

As a highly qualified and experienced therapist, Dr Malkin works together with adult individuals, couples and families in a supportive and understanding manner towards the achievement of life change goals.

Assistance is provided through diverse psychological counselling methodologies incorporating differing schools of psychotherapy. The aim is to synthesize different methods, as appropriate to the needs of each individual.

Dr. Malkin has established a reputation as a widely-respected Perth Psychologist. As a result, he has gained valuable experience supervising other industry professionals in addition to teaching psychology lectures, seminars and workshops.

Dr. Malkin adopts a broad, spectrum approach to psychological counselling, incorporating insight from the Ken Wilber Psychotherapy Model. Such an approach aims to include many of the differing schools of psychotherapy, leading to integrations which target the whole person. Dr Malkin’s approach has also been developed to include influences from experience working in the USA with Robert Johnson, noted Jungian orientated psychotherapist and author.

As a Perth Psychologist, Dr Malkin’s offers a wealth of knowledge and an extensive background with experience in a wide range of therapies and issues including Relationship & Couples Counselling, Depression Counselling, Stress & Anxiety Management, Phobia & Fear Issues, Grief & Loss, Sexual Problems, Life Coaching, Health Issues, Addictions & more.

Remote counselling can be arranged via Skype or WhatsApp.


Dr David Malkin utilises a personalised and broad-spectrum approach as no two people are alike. Clients lead the process by describing their current interest, concern or experience. Approaches are used which seem to fit what is required with an integrated and developmental focus. Hence, psychological therapy and counselling are specifically tailored to maximise positive outcomes for each individual.

Psychology Services include:

+ Relationship & Marriage Counselling
+ Life Coaching
+ Depression Assistance
+ Sexual Issues Counselling
+ Stress & Anxiety Management
+ Phobia & Fear Counselling
+ Grief & Loss Counselling
+ Addiction Assistance