Meditation can be practised in many different ways and for a multiplicity of purposes.There can be religious elements including the robes,rituals,and doctrines of Buddhism and other religions and sects.There can be conferral of spiritual energy through Shaktipat (contact with peacock feathers administered by a recognised Guru in the Kashmir Shaivism tradition) and the seeking of ‘the Blue Pearl of Wisdom’.There can be insight training with the various nonreligious methods of Vipassana.Also,there can be the enchantment delivered through the chanting of different Mantras and prayers.

Many people are deterred from the recognised health and stress relief benefits of meditation because of fears about the complexity or context of the above techniques.However,in essence many meditation benefits can be derived simply from being ‘in the moment’.That sort of feeling arises when spellbound by a sunset,natural scenery,gardening,or other totally absorbing activity.Some people have the idea that they can’t do meditation because they think meditation has to be some sort of empty mind.Actually,just noticing one’s thoughts,not following them,and returning to a focus can be very effective in producing meditation benefits.Focus can include attention to breaths,a particular image or picture,sound,smell,or sensation such as the pressure of ones feet on the ground.Benefits can be derived from short periods of minutes of practice,not necessarily hours or weeks. 

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