In 1962 Tom Kuhn published ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolutions’.This set the world of Sociology Of Science alight as the book discussed how scientific ‘truth’ was actually constructed through paradigm (model) shifts which sometimes were completely different from what had gone before.In short,because the model ‘worked’ didn’t mean it was objectively true for all times and circumstances.Importantly,because the paradigms were discontinuous,and not built one upon the other,there was no way of saying there was a movement towards ‘objective truth’.Previously Karl Popper, in his ‘Conjectures and Refutations’,had asserted that Science moves towards ‘truth’ by progressively testing hypotheses,refuting them,and moving closer,thereby to a more objectively ‘truthful’ hypothesis.

More latterly,Ken Wilber has written extensively about different levels or domains of ‘truth’.He talks of the ‘eye of the senses’ which tries to know the material world,the ‘eye of the mind’ which tries to know the mental internal world,and the ‘eye of spirit’ which tries to know the contemplative spiritual world.Each of these worlds have ‘truths’ which a particularly informed and experienced community of practitioners dialogue about to establish.Post-modernism also asserts opinions rather than objective ‘truths’.

In view of all of this,there is,perhaps,room for a little doubt regarding our favourite prejudices about how the world at large functions.If Science can not be certain of its ‘truths’,the meaning we put on our experiences leaves room for healthy scepticism.We tend to look through the same telescope and see different words written across the lens.It is prudent,therefore, to be circumspect and prepared to allow examination of differing opinions.Sometimes beliefs seem to be set in concrete regarding the deficiencies of ourselves or others.People can avoid activities which may be beneficial to them because of a limiting belief or prejudice.In Transactional Analysis there is a saying that it can be good to ‘fake it until you make it’.This means suspending disbelief that you can do it.The feeling of confidence may not be there at the beginning but it can grow as you allow yourself  to be exposed to growful healthy activities.Realising your likely prejudices is a really useful first step to confronting them.If you are fearful,doing some simultaneous self re-parenting, as discussed in an earlier blog,may be useful.

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