In the 1960’s and 1970’s Hermann Hesse was all the rage.One of his well known novels was called Narziss and Goldmund.This was a story about two monks seeking for fulfillment in life by taking one of two apparently diametrically opposite paths.One of the monks by temperament was an Apollonian character,or ascetic.The other was Dionysian or ecstatic by nature.In short,the first was withdrawing and the other outgoing.Their habits and practices and lifestyle reflected their different nature and different path to enlightenment.The book poses the puzzle as to which path is best.This is a conundrum like most of the other archetypal polarities of choice in life around a whole range of competing ‘opposite’ choices.

The resolution of these apparent dilemmas lies in the notion of ‘enthusiasm’.Literally the essential meaning of this word can be gleaned from its roots in Greek….’en’ meaning ‘full of’ and ‘theo’ meaning  ‘God ‘ .So,anything that makes YOU enthusiastic has the power to serve you to find  your own particular joy and purpose,your own particular meaning of what the ‘good life’ is for you.This is where you can  become spellbound and time can stand still like eternity.This is meditation for you and where your happiness can be found.It can be anywhere or in any path or place that can allow you to be truly enthusiastic.

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