There are many and varied ways to relax.Some methods appeal to the senses like music.Others may focus on ways to induce calm thoughts and peaceful attitude together with different techniques to relax muscles.Yoga,Tai Chi and various meditations can be taught.One true and trusted method I have used over the years is the Autogenic Relaxation Technique.I have used this for clients in many different settings and generally with excellent results.It is easy to learn and apply and can be done publicly and no-one would know.It can be done in bed and help induce sleep.It can be done with eyes open or shut but probably optimally effective with eyes shut in a peaceful environment.Naturally it is not recommended for use if you are driving or operating machinery. This method is based on Yoga Nidra which is time trusted known in ancient India.The principle is one of distraction and moving the attention to different parts of the body.When taught the instructions given are to be repeated silently by the person relaxing.The instruction is ‘my breathing is calm and regular,my breathing is becoming more and more calm and regular’.Repeat twice.Move then then to ‘my left arm is heavy and relaxed,my left arm is very heavy and relaxed,my entire left arm and hand is becoming more heavy and relaxed with each breath that I take.’The focus is then progressively moved to the right arm,the left leg and foot,then the right leg and foot.The attention is then moved through the body from gluteal muscles (in the bottom)to lower abdomen,lower back,abdomen,middle back,chest,shoulder blades,space between shoulder blades,shoulders,neck,throat,chin,cheeks,jaw,lips,tongue,roof of mouth,soles of feet,nose,eyes,ears,eyelids,eyebrows,space between eyebrows,forehead,and scalp.The entire body can then be targeted letting go of residual tension.The instructions are regular and methodical.’My… becoming heavy and relaxed,my ….is becoming more and more heavy and relaxed with each breath that I take,and repeated.

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