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HappyQ: How many Counselling Sessions will I need?
A: Good results may be obtained quickly - but obviously depend on the nature and severity of each problem and the individuality of each client. Clients choose when they are ready to finish counselling.

Q: What is the difference between Psychiatrists and Psychologists?
A: Psychiatrists are specialist medical doctors. They may counsel and prescribe medication. Psychologists work with insight through talking; cognitive and behavioural strategies; and/or emotional expression and resolution methods. They do not prescribe drugs in Australia.

Q: How do I pay for my Psychology Sessions?
A: Payment is required on the day and rebates may be claimed back later, from either Medicare or applicable private health insurances. You need a referral from your GP if you intend to claim from Medicare. You do not need a referral if you intend to claim from your personal insurer.

Q: How can I be sure to select the right Psychologist for me?
A: This is probably best determined via a face-to-face meeting and seeing if you feel comfortable, confident and trusting with that person.

Q: Can I bring 'significant others' with me to a Counselling Session?
A: Yes.

Q: As a Psychologist, are you non-denominational as per religion?
A: Yes.

Q: How are your Psychology Sessions structured?
A: The client is encouraged to determine the agenda for each session. Appropriate strategies or techniques for the issue will be offered.


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